Jean Bashengezi, known since childhood as “Jaja,” was born and raised on the peaceful shores of Lake Kivu in Eastern Congo, in the town of Bukavu. Music was life in his household.

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1. Believer's Prayer 04:05
2. Nzambe Malamu (The Love Of God) 04:45
3. Ani Yakulokola (Who Saved You) 04:19
4. Wamile Jehovah King 03:43
5. The Gift 04:18
6. Push 04:30
7. Emmanueli Mungu Nei 05:00
8. Yesu Ni Mwamba 03:48
9. My Sweet Praise 04:38
10. Ukweli 01:49
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About album

A Contemporary African Praise and Worship album

Artist: Jaja Bashengezi